Al-Ihsan Academy strives to cultivate children’s inherent passion for exploration and learning, as well as a love for Allah and their faith.


Our goal is to provide an Islamic environment and empower every child to become independent, collaborative and compassionate problem-solvers, in a classroom that provides them the freedom to achieve their fullest potential.


We integrate an Islamic education to facilitate the intellectual, spiritual, and social growth of each child.

Benefits Of Islamic School

What we learn becomes a part of who we are

Teaching Quran is part of the Curriculum

Instill a love of Islam from the youngest of years. The foundation of cognitive, physical and emotional development are laid out in early childhood. An Islamic School allows Islamic beliefs to become a part of daily practice naturally instead of being introduced formally in later years.

Creative Learning

A quality Islamic School conveys to students from day one of their academic career that the deen and dunya can go hand in hand. A child knows that doing their best and excelling while developing a healthy Muslim identity is not mutually exclusive. Students of faith based schools tend to have a higher rate of academic achievement than their public school peers.